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Corset, by Sammie Kyng is truly stunning and showcases Kyng’s exceptional talent and creativity. 

The intricate details of the corset are expertly crafted, with each stitch and embellishment carefully placed to create a sense of depth and texture. 

The contrast of the delicate lace against the bodice is both striking and beautiful, adding to the overall visual impact of the piece.

But this artwork is so much more than just a traditional corset. It is a work of art that is both bold and daring, challenging conventional notions of what is considered beautiful or acceptable. 

Kyng has taken something often associated with oppression and turned it into a symbol of power and self-expression.

The attention to detail in this piece is truly remarkable, from the intricate stitching on the lace to the subtle shading in the fabric. It is a testament to her incredible skill and dedication to her craft.

Overall, this piece of art is a true masterpiece that deserves to be admired and appreciated by all who have the privilege of seeing it. 

Its beauty and power are truly awe-inspiring, and it is sure to leave a lasting impression on all who behold it.

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