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The Runner

The Runner

The Runner is a stunning display of dynamic energy and powerful movement captured through the Sammie Kyng’s unique drip & spray technique. 

Kyng's technique is a unique artistic method that involves dripping, pouring and spraying paint onto the canvas in order to create dynamic and fluid patterns. 

This approach allows for a level of spontaneity and unpredictability in the artwork, as Kyng does not have full control over the placement of the paint.

Kyng's technique adds to the overall effect of the artwork by conveying a sense of motion and speed, which perfectly complements the theme of athleticism.

The result is a visually striking piece that truly captures the essence of movement and energy.

Her use of black, gold, and white hues emphasizes the silhouette of the Rugby runner and highlights the intensity of his action. 

The large format acrylic on canvas conveys feelings of boldness and grandeur to the piece, making it a truly impressive work of art. 

The Runner is a must-see for anyone who appreciates the beauty of athleticism and the power of artistic expression. 

Overall, Kyng’s technique ignites the impact of the subject matter of a rugby runner which gives the piece such a unique and distinctive style.

Sammie Kyng has truly outdone herself with this masterpiece.

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