Blunt: Origin Story

Sammie Kyng’s creative process usually involves working closely with her models, whether it's for a commissioned piece or an impromptu collaboration.

She captures video, trying to harness a specific energy, often with music playing or while enjoying the outdoors. This collaborative effort is one of her favorite aspects of creating art.

However, "Blunt" was a different experience. Sammie has known this model for many years and had a clear concept in mind. She reached out to his fiancée and described the vision: the model growling, eyes squinched, with a blunt hanging between his lips. In a single, spontaneous shot, the fiancée captured this perfectly, without the need for a formal photoshoot.

This spontaneity was a delightful surprise, as it usually doesn't yield the quality required, but this time it did. The result is a powerful portrayal of the model's depth and emotion, vividly captured in his eyes.

Recently, Sammie has been experimenting with adding whimsical elements to her pieces. If you explore the gallery, you'll notice this in some paintings where she has incorporated pink bubbles, creating a playful contrast.

For "Blunt," she’s considering this idea without overdoing it. There are bits of tape here and there as she contemplates the final touches.

While she doesn’t want to transform "Blunt" into a fully whimsical piece, a touch of lightness adds an intriguing layer to the raw intensity of the image.

This piece, like all her work, reflects the joy and depth of creating art through collaboration, capturing a single moment infused with layers of emotion and energy.

Stay tuned for more updates on "Blunt" and other artworks. Sammie welcomes your thoughts and feedback. Thank you for being part of this creative journey!

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