The art piece, initially known as "Scream," is one of the powerful entries in Sammie Kyng's Shadow Self Series


Sammie continues to refine "Aviator," focusing on the reflection in the sunglasses—a crucial and daunting element. Adjustments to the model's lips and the integration of drips, consistent with the rest of the Shadow Self Series, are ongoing. 

"Aviator" represents a significant, emotionally charged moment for the artist, embodying both creativity and a touch of vulnerability. It stands as a powerful testament to the artistic journey and the spontaneous moments that can lead to profound and unexpected masterpieces.

About the Art
  • Medium: Acrylic and Ink on Canvas
  • Dimensions: H 60" x W 48" (Height 152.4cm, Width 121.9cm)
  • Year Completed: 2024