Fowl, by Sammie Kyng is a stunning example of contemporary art that demonstrates her mastery of a truly dynamic style of painting.
The process of creating this large format spray paint, drip, splatter piece was very experimental and improvisational, which led Kyng to execute continuous layering in order to achieve a final desired effect. 
Kyng began with a rough sketch of her composition on the canvas. Then she applied spray paint and acrylic with brushes, sticks and her hands to achieve the desired textures and patterns on the surface.
The work is truly captivating with two birds, perched on branches of a tree in their natural habitat, clutching the wood with their powerful talons. 
By combining the use of spray paint and a drip technique she gestures to a solid branch which contrasts perfectly against the feathered underbellies of the birds. 
Integration of gold and brass hues throughout add a luxurious touch, elevating the work even further.
Kyng focused on capturing the unique characteristics of each bird. This involved a time consuming and challenging process of layering acrylic medium and limited palette to define specific feather types. She also paid close attention to details such as the shape and size of the bird's beaks, talons and eyes to convey a feeling of power and wonder.
Kyng's work is truly masterful, and the use of large format acrylic on canvas only emphasizes the impact of this truly stunning piece.
Fowl will make an incredible statement in any collection or home that is calling for dynamic and engaging contemporary art. 
Fowl is truly a remarkable example of the power and beauty that can be achieved through this freeform style, and is sure to be treasured for years to come
About the Art
  • Medium: Acrylic and Ink on Canvas
  • Dimensions: H 60" x W 48" (Height 152.4cm, Width 121.9cm)