Wonderland: Origin Story

Initially part of the Shadow Self Series, this piece marks a departure from Sammie Kyng's usual process.

Instead of a video shoot, the model, a close friend, sent a photo capturing a raw and significant moment: her German Shepherd accidentally caused her to bleed, and she bravely took a photo of that vulnerable, gritty moment.

Sammie Kyng was inspired by this bold act of documenting a personal, intense experience and decided to incorporate it into the Shadow Self Series. While developing the piece, Sammie Kyng was influenced by another painting in the series, which features deep, intricate patterns around the face.

This cross-hatching technique began to take shape in "Wonderland," blending with the signature drips and melts to enhance the emotional depth.

Feedback on the Pearl Series suggested a whimsical element that contrasted with the raw intensity of the Shadow Self pieces.

This feedback prompted King to think about balancing whimsy and grit. Experimentation with taping bubble shapes onto the canvas introduced a playful aspect while maintaining a limited color palette dominated by reds and pinks.

Sammie Kyng is particularly excited about enhancing the eyelashes, allowing bubbles to stick to them, creating a sticky interplay of shadow and whimsy. This duality—elements emerging from the mouth and getting caught in the eyes—adds a dynamic tension to the piece.

Sammie Kyng will continue refining this artwork, but it needs to be ready for the Hamptons Art Fair from July 11th to 14th, 2024.

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