Origin Story: The Shadow Self Series


The Shadow Self Series started during lockdown when this model worked quite diligently with me to successfully bite into an orange and drip juice everywhere!

It was a ton of laughs, and yet the most artful experience ever!

Little did I know then that this would be the beginning of the shadow self series. The whole series is still in progress.


I anticipate it will probably last many years from now.

It’s truly a labor of love.

I get to know these models, and participate in an extremely one of a kind experience with them.

Most of the models work with me to capture a series of videos from which 1 select image is ultimately chosen.

Then we move on to selecting a frame that possesses some (or most) of the elements I'm looking for in a piece; powerful eyes, a hidden story and grit.

The whimsical feel of a few of the pieces evolved after being absorbed by the painting for some time.

For example the Pearl series influenced the Shadow Self series. After reflecting on quite a few of the paintings in a single room, I found myself adding pearly bubbles to Aviator and Limon. I placed the bubbles with masking tape first to see if I really should commit.

This is the process of my art. Looking at a human and being inspired by them.

Partnering with the model to capture a feeling and selecting a single image worthy of transferring to canvas. It's a big decision; moving from digital to analog.

Then I allow the pieces to evolve on their own timeline and influence each other in ways that I could never have imagined.


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